Teaching Interests

Teaching is an important part of the academic life. It is a lot of fun to share knowledge and skills in a systematic way. Nothing can be more rewarding than one realizing a new dimension or a new way of looking at reality. And more often than not, effective transmission of the right ideas and messages can help solving important environmental problems in an expedient manner.

I teach both practical and theoretical courses over a number of subjects. Some of them were subjects which I have been focused on back from my doctoral days, while the others are "acquired tastes". Here is a rough classification of my teaching interests:

Environmental Engineering: Water and Wastewater Engineering ● Solid Waste Management ● Water Quality Control

Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology: Environmental Organic Chemistry ● Aquatic Chemistry ● Fate & Transport of Contaminants ● Quantitative Ecotoxicology ● Water Quality Criteria

Water Resources and Hydrology: Environmental Hydraulics ● Water Resources Management ● Hydrology

Data Analysis & Communication: Environmental Data Analysis ● Data Visualization and Presentation ● Engineering & Research Communications


The following are courses that I am currently teaching or will be responsible for:

CA 4678 Water and Wastewater Engineering

CA 4679 Environmental Engineering and Management

CA 4684 Environmental Hydraulics

CA 6247 Water Quality Modelling and Management

CA 6828 Built/Natural Environmental Harmony

GE 1343 Energy Crisis & Renewable Energy

GE 2303 Save the Earth: Sustainable Development


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