Welcome to our group!!!

Welcome to the home page of the Kuo Group!

We are a bunch of eager and enthusiastic researchers and students interested in answering big questions and solving big problems in Environmental Chemistry, Ecotoxicology, and Environmental Engineering.

We are modellers and experimentalists, for we believe that both are needed to understand how pollutants behaves in the environment and how their negative impacts can be reduced, countered, or even reserved.

And we believe problems can be solved faster and thoroughly if more people know about them, think about them, and act upon them.

Feel free to wander around here to see the things that we have done, the challenges we are working on now, and the future we are slowly but steadily building towards!

Current Openings - We are expanding and hiring!

We are looking for enthusiastic students and experienced researchers for projects in the areas of environmental engineering & modeling, quantitative ecotoxicology, hydraulics, innovative environmental practices and solutions, emerging contaminants, and environmental fate of nanoparticles.

Applications are invited for doctoral studies. We are also searching for motivated experimentalists and theorists as research assistants and associates (RA) to work on real problems and rising challenges.

Interested candidates with strong background in ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, environmental modeling, aquatic and terrestrial biology, molecular biochemistry are most encouraged to apply for the above positions.

We are also moving into environmental engineering and environmental hydraulics, with a strong focus on meeting challenges and solving problems specific to the urban environments.

Please send your CV to if you are interested in joining us!


What's Happening

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